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Christmas With the Billionaire Rancher

Christmas With the Billionaire Rancher - Mandy Baxter Loved this story!
Christmas With the Billionaire RancherThis book was nothing like I thought it'd be. It was better than better. It was funny, sexy, scorching hot, and so much more. It is supposed to be a Christmas story because it all happens during the holidays but it is not focused on the holiday craze.

Mandy Baxter introduces us to Nate Christensen a.k.a. super hot rancher at his dad's funeral. He's there because he has to be there not because he wants to. If it were for him he'd open up the coffin and drop in it the millions of dollars his dad left him as inheritance. Nate wants nothing to do with the money. His dad never gave him or his brothers anything before, why should he now?

His father's widow pretend cry makes him sick to his stomach and it's not until the end of the book that the reader discovers why Nate's dad's betrayal.

While Nate is trying to figure out how to get rid of the money he suddenly inherited, Chloe comes along. She crashes the funeral not for the reasons anyone may think. She can care less about Nate's dad. She's there because she needs funds for her foundation and rumor has it Nate wants to give his away. So before anyone else decides to sweet talk Nate she decides to make a go for it. She's there strictly for business and nothing else. But when she starts talking with Nate business is the last thing that comes up in the conversation and not for lack of trying. They chat about one thing then the other, the more they talk, the more he draws her to him. Finally she decides to leave because it is obvious she'd never get anywhere close to her real business matter with him. The truth is it's been a while since the last time she was close to a man like Nate. Being close to him makes her lose her focus and wish he stopped talking and kissed her instead.

And what do you know? Her wishes come true. As you can predict of one-night-stands, one night is not enough for either one of them. But let me say, the way Mandy Baxter wrote this story the "can't get enough of you" twist isn't like all the others out there. She developed the characters so well that even I, as a reader, couldn't get enough of Nate and Chloe. I read this in a couple of hours and couldn't believe it when it was over.

If you're looking for a nice contemporary romance this would be one book to pick.