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Before the Fall

Before the Fall - Noah Hawley Well, this was great until it wasn't. Seriously who does this?

A wealthy family and their friends are on their way back from Martha's Vineyard to New Jersey. Maggie, the wife of a TV network magnate invites Scott, a painter who's seen better times.

Even though everyone onboard seems as if everything's right with the world they all have a story. And not a very good one at that.

Maggie loves her family but wishes her husband, the TV network magnate, spent more time with them. Their happiness is shadowed by the kidnapping of their daughter 3 years ago. Although they found her safe and sound, the reminder that they're not safe is ever present, especially with their bodyguards.

The Kiplings live in their own little world. Same as Maggie, Sarah wishes her husband didn't work as much. She often reminisces of the times they didn't have much and how happy they were. But her husband is a working machine, and he can make millions out of a $1 bill. The problem is he's played the system, taking money from nonfriendlies and now he's about to be indicted.

Scott is just an acquaintance of Maggie and can't believe he's flying to New Jersey in such luxury. He hopes his meetings turn out the way he expects them. Maybe this time he'll finally be a known painter.

Then there's the bodyguard and the flight crew. Emma, the flight attendant, has some history with the copilot. She wants nothing to do with him. Charles tried to choke her once and ever since she's been terrified of him. Her ex.

Charles feels horrible about how mean he was to Emma and in his head he loves her and wants her back at all costs. But her rejections only upset him and he's so angry he does the unthinkable.

Last, there's Bill. The most annoying, infuriating character of all, along with Doug, Eleanor's husband. Bill wants to find out what really happened the night of the crash and how did Scott and the 4 year old survived it. He doesn't care what is true and not, he wants a good story.

I liked the story until I hated it. The tragedy is devastating, but the fact that Bill does illegal things and doesn't get in trouble gets me. And then Doug, I wanted to pull his beard because he made me so mad.

It's a good book, but don't expect much of the end because you'd be dissappointed.