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The Charmers: A Novel

The Charmers: A Novel - Elizabeth Adler The Charmers is an intriguing read only if the reader is okay with reading in first POV for multiple characters.

Mirabella inherits a beautiful Villa from an aunt whose mom had quite the story. There's a man who goes by The Boss and who's not accustomed to "no" for an answer. He wants Mirabella's Villa at all costs, even if it means he has to get rid of her.

Of course Mirabella's doesn't have a clue of what future awaits her and she sells her flat in London to relocate to her newly inherited Villa in France. On her way to the Villa she meets a young woman named Verity, who's running away from her cheating husband. Even though Mirabella's didn't want to talk to her at first, when she does she can't help herself and offers Verity a place to stay. The last high either one of them expects is to have an life threatening accident on their way to the Villa.

Then Chad shows up. He's a known surgeon and is on vacation. He's ready to claim the Villa next to his as his. Chad makes all these great plans on how he'll fix certain things, until he realizes the Villa next door to his isn't really his and instead he finds himself in the middle of a life threatening problem, and falling in love with the rightful owner of the Villa.

The Villa comes is tainted with a tragic, romantic history attached to it. It's original owner was a famous woman, who had many lovers but loved only one of them. There's a good portion of the story that's focused on her, I think that's maybe the best part of this book.

When her story is finished and you're back to the present day there are quite a things that are confusing. For instance when Verity is already at the Boss' Villa and the Colonel visits, but several chapters later Chad and the Colonel are looking for her at the hospitL and they are told the Boss took her. That seems out of order, given the Colonel had already visited her at the Villa, and the Boss kicked him out. Also there are some loose ends like the Boss' fate and Iron Man's painting.

Overall it was an okay read.