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Bound to Be a Bride

Bound to Be a Bride - Megan Mulry I was looking forward to reading this book, how could I not? I love historical romances, especially if there is some spice in them and for some reason (I don't know what), I'd thought this one would have lots of it. Well, it didn't.

It doesn't matter anyway, it is still a good story. I just wonder how good it would've been had it been a full length novel.

Isabella grew up in a convent, the sisters taught her all there was to being the perfect wife, little do they know becoming the perfect wife isn't even on her list. Running away as fast and as far as she can is the only thought on her mind. The one thing Isabelle never counts on is stumbling upon the man she is running away from.

Javi doesn't care for marriage, in fact, he's running just the opposite direction. He has more important matters at hand, such as: going to Mexico...than marrying his bethrothed. Someone he's never met! Then, along comes a woman in the middle of the woods whom tempts him with every little thing she does. To his surprise, the woman happens to be the one he left at the altar, except he didn't, because truth be told, neither one of them ever intended to show up.

Bound to be a Bride is a fast paced historical romance with a bit of humor and a dash of spice.