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The Promise in a Kiss (Cynster Novels)

The Promise in a Kiss (Cynster Novels) - Stephanie Laurens Sebastian Cynster, a total stranger, kisses Helena de Stansion under the moonlight, little did they know they'd meet again seven years later. (Sigh)... It's been years, I mean years, since I read this book the first time. Since, I've read it several times more, and each and every time it makes me "aawww".

It's as if that first kiss sealed their fates, and a whole Cynster dynasty began. Sebastian is a total playboy who falls head over heels for Helena who is such an innocent. The foreplay between the two, to make the other fall is wonderful. I loved it, especially where Sebastian realizes she is the one for him and no one else will do; what he goes thru to make sure he can claim her as his. Absolutely wonderful if you ask me.

This was the book that made me a Stephanie Laurens fan to date.