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The Leading Lady (Half Moon House Series)

The Leading Lady (Half Moon House Series) - Deb Marlowe Royal blood runs through Callie Grant's veins, except only two more people know that. After her mom passed away, Callie found a safe haven in Hestia's home for women and learned a thing or two for how to take care of herself on the streets of London.

Callie took the role of older sister and worked hard to bring food to the table. The problem is that no matter what she does, her sister always ends up in trouble. Callie has had it and if it weren't because her sister hadn't been kidnapped or wasn't about to be murdered, Callie wouldn't run to her rescue yet again.

Callie is after clues to find her sister when she stumbles upon Lord Truitt. He's a thorn on her side, the same way he is to her. It turns out they're both after the same man who kidnapped her sister, though their reasons are not the same.

Lord Truitt wants to restore his credibility in London and the only way he can do so is by bringing back the man who used him. Teaming up with Callie and pretending to be husband and wife isn't something he accepts lightly but weighing the pros and cons he admits the plan has merit.

What neither expects is to discover the real person behind their mask. Slowly the lines in their pretend game are blurred and soon they end up falling for each other.

This is a great read for fans of Stephanie Laurens. There's mystery, action, sexy time. A little bit of everything for a historical regency romance.