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Seven Nights to Surrender

Seven Nights to Surrender - Jeanette Grey You know that feeling when you find a book that you want everyone to read because then you can talk about it all the more? Well, that's this book for me.

Kate just graduated college and she decided to go to Paris and explore the city. Her goal is to find herself and make the decision(s) she needs. She doesn't have a lot of time to make up her mind and her savings, unfortunately for her, do have a limit. Nonetheless she's deemed spending whatever little money she has is worth it.

She's got great plans and is a bit frustrated because her time is Paris will soon come to an end and she's yet to find herself. She wants to find what makes her unique, and sets her apart from all other artists. She must find her voice. While she's at a coffee shop making plans, and trying to remember how to order a coffee latte in French, she's robbed of what money she had to spend. Fortunately not all her money is stolen. Then again she becomes nervous because she doesn't know how to explain to the cashier she no longer wants the coffee.

Before she can utter a word the handsome guy behind her pays for her coffee and invites her to sit with him. She obliges only because she wants to be nice to the guy that just saved her from an embarrassing moment, but she's also keeping her guard up because the handsome stranger could either be: a) a serial killer or, b) he simply wants to get in her pants. She's having none though. Before she knows it. Rylan, talks her into spending the rest of the afternoon with him. She's not stupid and knows his end game and she's game.

Rylan isn't sure he wants to do a lot of heavy lifting to get Kate in his bed. The thing is the way she looks at him is more than he can take. His flirtation turns into something more serious. Before he knows it he ends up proposing to her to spend together what time she has left in Paris. She agrees not knowing what she's really agreed to. What starts as a game ends up not being one. Rylan doesn't tell her about all that he is, or who he is. And by the time he figures he should've told her is a bit too late. No matter what he does the outcome will be the same --> Kate walking out on him.

"My pickup crap never worked on you."

She shook her head. "It worked so much better than you ever would have imagined. I just pretended it didn't because--"

He gave her a beat before asking, "What?"

"Because I knew you were going to break my heart."

While Rylan helps her discover who she is and shows her all the sexual pleasures he can think of, Kate teaches him to see inside himself and accept who he is. He can't run away from his destiny and all that makes him. He learns this last the hard way and is willing to do what it takes if she allows him back into her life.

"Thank you," she whispered. "You asshole. For everything."

That last part made me chuckle. This was an enjoyable read. There was plenty of sexy time as there was story. Even though the sequel "eight ways to Ecstasy" doesn't come out until April 2016, this is an HFN. I thought the end dragged on a little too long, and the characters seemed to like "humming" quite a bit when they did or were about to say something. Would I recommend this book? Of course! I will definitely be reading more of Jeanette Grey.