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The Runaway Countess

The Runaway Countess - Leigh LaValle A merry go 'round of the heart that will leave you breathless...

Mazie is a sweet, kindhearted woman who's forced to stand by the ton sidelines. In other words, she's now an outcast of the world she was born into. A secret society within the ton is to blame for her misfortune. She goes from having everything, to having nothing left, but the clothes on her back. She decides to make the best of what little she has left, and joins forces with the only man that gives a hoot about what happens to her. The problem is, he's in the "most wanted" list.

The sad truth of her reality transforms the sweet, innocent girl she once was, into a feisty, street smart woman. This works splendidly until she's caught, and forced into house arrest by the one man she least expects. The one man she can't elude.

Trent is the Earl of Radford. He's bothered by the thievery in his county, and is determined to end it once and for all. What bothers him most is that he's forced to leave his affairs in London to deal with the fuss. He's confident getting the truth out of his little prisoner is the easiest of tasks, breaking a nail over it is unimaginable. HA! Oh boy, is he in for a surprise?

It doesn't take him long to realize Mazie is no meek girl. She'd just as soon as break his nose and leave him toothless, than tell him anything about the man he seeks. She leads him on a merry go 'round chase, full of wrong leads to buy herself enough time to plan her escape. Trent's frustration only grows, as on this merry chase he discovers things are not what they seem. When the web of lies becomes undone, both are faced with hard decisions. They can only have one of the two things they most want. Which will it be?

I was breathless by the time I finished this book, it went above and beyond my expectations and I still cannot believe what a great book this is. This is Leigh's debut, and I can tell you I am already looking forward to her upcoming novellas this summer and fall.