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Not Always a Saint (Lost Lords)

Not Always a Saint (Lost Lords) - Mary Jo Putney Not Always a Saint (The Lost Lords, #7)Not Always a Saint is the 7th book in the Lost Lords series. In this installment we meet Dr. Daniel who cares for nothing other than seeing to the well being of anyone who comes to him in need of medical help.

The story starts when one night he's getting ready to close and a woman shows up out of nowhere in dire need of help. A man beat her up, her face is unrecognizable, and she has a cut that if not sewn she may actually die.

Daniel helps her out and gives her whatever money he's got so that she can get away from whoever it is she's running from. Fast forward seven years later and their paths cross again. It's only been a couple of weeks since she lost her husband and the ton is calling her the Black Widow, which doesn't make lots of sense because except for a few, no one knows she's actually had two husbands and now she's on the search for number three.

Daniel recently inherited a baron's title and doesn't know what to do with it. He rather not take it if it means he has to give up being a doctor. To solve his predicament he decides to look for a wife--someone with experience to handle his estates' accounts, but Jessie, the black widow, isn't what or who he had in mind only he can't stay away from her.

This was not a book for me. Daniel wasn't really even a BETA hero, he was just too weak. Jessie was a strong heroine for the most part but still not memorable. I don't know what I didn't like most about this book: a) the repetitiveness or b) how in the middle of their sexy time Daniel and Jessie telling each other "you look healthy" and "you look very healthy, too" or c) the explanation between the Old vs New Testament -- I mean, who writes this in a fiction book? One thing I did love was the gorgeous cover, which was what attracted me to read this book.