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Seduced (Kith & Kynn Book 1)

Seduced (Kith & Kynn Book 1) - Devyn Quinn I don't read a lot of paranormal and when I do I'm a bit picky. This was a pretty good read for an erotic paranormal romance. It was super hot.

Devon has been roaming this earth for almost two centuries. His sire, the woman he loved, was killed by a man who hates vampires and since Devon hasn't been happy. He's never gotten over Ariel, that's of course until he meets Rachel.

Rachel looks a lot like Ariel, and from the moment she meets Devon she can't get him out of her mind anymore than he can get her out of his. Rachel tries her best to keep away, but the attraction is stronger than her and his will. Devon knows she'll be his, and gives her time but not too much that she'll get away. When the time comes he introduces her to his world, then it's up to her to stay or leave.

I enjoyed this book a bit more than I thought I would. Though I think Rachel's realization of what Devon is and how she handles it isn't great. I can see why she runs away and doesn't want anything to do with him. But the bit about cutting her losses and how she plays with the thought about suing him and going to the police kind of bothered me. It didn't seem to fit with the story and how I would've expected her to handle it. Especially when she quickly changes her mind and decides his world isn't maybe too bad.

Overall it was a good read. I'll definitely read book 2.