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Almost A Spinster

Almost A Spinster - Jenna Petersen One story, three couples, and true love...

Almost A Spinster is a compilation of three couples whose fate is set at the start of the very first story.

Her Every Desire is the story of Jane Davenport who truly believes she's absolutely and desperately in love with a poor excuse of a man, David. For the last couple of years, he's encouraged her and let her believe he will one day propose. Well that is all great and good until one night, he announces his engagement to Maddie.

Wesley Hughes is David's best friend, as well as he is Jane's. He's been secretly in love with Jane and has never approached her on that subject because all along he thought David had an interest in her. Little did he and Jane know, David's only interest is to make her his mistress naught else.

Jane thinks herself broken hearted, until Wesley presents her with a proposal she can't deny. That is where the discovery of their true feelings begins.

A Scandal to Keep is the story of Felicity Ellis, Jane's best friend. There is a secret Felicity and her family have kept from the ton for years. Her secret would be the ruin of her and her family if it ever gets out, and luckily the only other two that knew about it are long gone, buried six feet deep. Or so, she thinks, until Gabriel, the new Duke shows up at her very own soiree.

A Woman Scorned is the story of Maddie Reynolds. Her ex-fiance's indiscretions tainted her. She still rubs elbows with the best of society but things have never been the same. She's resigned to be a spinster, and her only dream is to be the best aunt she can be. Little does she know, destiny had something else in store for her when she leaves for the country. A lie turns into a web of white lies, that lead to her true love.

Overall I thought all three stories were very well told. I do have to admit, Her Every Desire is the one of the three I enjoyed the most. However, I also think all three stories could be blown out into full length novels, and readers would enjoy them.

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