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For His Pleasure: A Playboys of Boston Novel

For His Pleasure: A Playboys of Boston Novel - Suzanne Rock This book sucked. I had high hopes for it. I can’t even say I wasn’t in the mood to read this kind of book, because I totally was. I’d been on a historical & other contemporary binge and was looking forward to an erotic read. I should’ve just kept on my binge or picked up some other book.

The prologue hooked me. I liked both Ari and Jason. I thought there was something to them beyond their banter. But hell, was I wrong?

Jason seemed to have a boner 24/7. Ari couldn’t walk in the room without him wanting to have sex with her. You’d think this would be hot and make you want to keep reading. But the line between hot and repetitively boring got blurred in no time.

I didn’t keep a tally but I’d say about 90% of the book is sex and only about 10% story. Ari was annoying beyond belief. She claims to want to be independent and make her own decisions, but the way she goes about it it’s just um, not believable. I lost track of the number of times I rolled my eyes at her antics.

Jason was the more likable of the two but he also did not portray the character he was meant to be. He doesn’t want commitments, but he wants Ari. He’s sort of afraid of her brothers, then it turns out he envies them. His own brother shows up only for revenge and Jason can’t do anything about it because by the time he finds out is too late.

Secondary characters had their own POV and did things that did everything but help the story progress. All in all I’d say SKIP this book unless you don’t mind reading a sex scene in EVERY.SINGLE.CHAPTER.