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To Win Her Love

To Win Her Love - Mackenzie Crowne I loved this book!

Gracie Gable is a famous sports blogger and website designer. Even though her wardrobe (including her shoes)gives the impression she grew up having it all, the truth is completely the opposite. For starters she never had a family, not the kind she’s always dreamt of having, and two of the closest people she ever had she lost.

Her last chance at having a family of her own is presented when her brother-in-law dies and in his will he gives her the chance to have custody of her nieces, if only she spends three months at his farm house with the girls and the son, Jake, no one ever knew he had.

Jake is none other than a football player she got in a fight with on her blog not too long ago. Their fight cost him a fine and a forced apology. To both their surprise having shared custody of the girls isn’t something neither saw coming nor want and for different reasons.

Since his reputation is on the line as a result of his recent conduct Jake accepts to move into the farm house. He never knew his dad had a family, and to have two little girls thrown on his lap out of nowhere angers him. But his anger lasts less than a second the moment he meets his two sisters. As for Gracie, well, he decides there are other ways in which he can make her pay for the fine that she cost him.

To Win Her Love is entertaining, so much it’d bring tears to your eyes and make you laugh and aaw many a time.