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Holiday Sparks

Holiday Sparks - Taryn Elliott A complete opposites attract, what's not to like.

Christmas is the one holiday Darcy abhors. Worst of all she works in retail, so just imagine what that means to her store. There is nothing about Christmas that she likes, if it were for her there shouldn't be such a holiday. To make matters worst, she gets into an argument with one very pissed off customer who not only gives her a hard time but also leaves a little something to remember him by. Soon, she finds herself stuck with fixing the mess, but that means she has to decorate the store yet again. This decoration can get her the promotion she so craves.

Then, there is Ben. Oh, Ben, Ben, Ben. I love that guy. He's a tattoo artist who LOVES Christmas and everything about the holiday. He's Darcy's tenant and decides to decorate his/her house. Little does he know what he thought was a great idea, is the worst idea EVER!

Oh my goodness! Where do I go from here? I love Taryn and her characters. This story was just as good, funny and hot as all her other works.

I wanted more of Ben. I still can't decide which of all her men is my favorite. They're all pretty darn hawt, but Ben and his tattooes...oh my!

Darcy Tucker hates Christmas. Being lead supervisor at a department store shows her the very worst of humanity. When her holiday display is demolished, she turns to the least likely person she knows—her hot, tattooed tenant who seems to get off on the very idea of Christmas. Maybe she can get him to decorate the store and stop decorating her house.

Tattoo artist Ben Hartley may not look the part, but Christmas is his favorite holiday. When Darcy gets in a jam and reveals her vulnerable side, he finally gets to learn more about the sexy woman behind the cool façade.

Thrown in close quarters to fix her store, Ben and Darcy realize the only chilly thing between them is the temperature outside. One supremely hot kiss leads to a night full of passionate surprises. Now Ben has to show her that there’s more to life than work, and that the season of hope is full of sexy possibilities with or without a Christmas tree.