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The Billionaire's Fair Lady (Harlequin Romance Series #4359)

The Billionaire's Fair Lady (Harlequin Romance Series #4359) - Barbara Wallace 4.5 stars

This was such a sweet read I didn't want it to end.

Roxy is a single mom who wants all the best for her daughter, if only she could give it to her. When her mom makes a confession on her death bed Roxy's world is turned upside down. Everything she always thought she was may not be who she really is. That in itself opens up a window of possibilities for her and her daughter. The only way for Roxy to find out the truth is hiring an uptown lawyer that can fight on her behalf with uptown people. She just doesn't expect her handsome lawyer to think her the gold digger she's not.

Roxy has had a hard life and as a result she has no patience for games or other things alike. Mike Templeton is not her favorite person and she has no problem letting him know so.

Mike is the golden boy who's borderline bankrupted. For Mike, failure isn't an option. He must succeed at everything he does at all costs no matter what. That's the way his father raised him. Although, Mike may not necessarily be happy about it-- that's just the way he is. If he were to change his ways, he wouldn't even know where to and how to begin. When Roxy walks out on him, he sees dollar signs walking out of his office. Her case is a long shot, but he thinks he may be able to win it. Even if the people they're going after end up throwing money Roxy's way just to quiet down the noise, it doesn't matter. At first he doesn't even care if Roxy's claim is true, all he cares about is maintaining his firm because shutting it down would mean failure and that is out of the question.

Soon Mike sees in Roxy everything he wished he could be. It's almost as if he envies her. Despite Roxy's sad life, she at least has had the choice to choose whereas that's never been an option for him. Sensual tension grows as they work together, and soon they forget all about the client-lawyer relationship and give into what they feel for each other. Damn the consequences.

This was a pretty good book. What I enjoyed the most was the back and forth dialogue between Roxy and Mike. Roxy always had great come backs whenever Mike said or did something she didn't agree with. One of my favorite scenes is when they finally kissed after an interview, and how they both swear it'd never happen again. That was just too cute, too sweet. I loved it.

I thought there were a couple of things unaswered but they didn't make or break the story, but that's just me. And, for anyone reading this book, note there's a very nice epilogue but it is not part of the book. It'll be posted on GR in January 2013, so make sure to look for it.


For hotshot lawyer Mike Templeton, success is nonnegotiable. So when actress-turned-waitress Roxy O'Brien rocks his Manhattan office with a scandalous inheritance claim that could save his new legal practice, he can't refuse the challenge. But first he has to "smooth out the rough edges."One uptown makeover later, Roxy feels every inch the beautiful New York heiress—and, judging by the heat in Mike's eyes, he agrees! But when their professional relationship becomes a little too personal, suddenly it's not just her future at stake—it's her heart.