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Gambling on the Outlaw

Gambling on the Outlaw - Margaret  Madigan Beth is a gambler’s widow who’s seen better times. Since her husband died she’s done her best to keep her chin up, and made it her mission to rescue misfits.

Though she says she doesn’t miss her old life, deep inside her she does. She loves the thrill of the game. The rush of winning and losing, of upping the stakes, and winning everything back just when she thought it all lost. But she’s done well keeping herself away from all that kind of fun. After all it was only fun when her husband was alive.

She lives with three other women and they couldn’t be anymore different from each other even if they tried. Nothing much is happening with her life, save for the persistent Clay. He wants her to marry him but not because he loves her. All he’s after is her homestead and adding her land to his. Although Beth makes it clear she isn’t interested, everything changes the moment a beautiful stranger seeks refuge in her barn.

Simon is hunting the man that’s hunting him. He’s been accused of theft and murder. He isn’t a saint and he sure has killed one too many a man, the crime Clay is pinning on him isn’t one he committed. He knows he’ll probably die trying to kill the man who wants to kill him, but he rather die trying than not try at all.

His plan goes awry when he faces Clay and a wound to the chest forces him to return to Beth’s place for help. Beth doesn’t think twice about helping him, the only problem is his charms are more than she can take. The sentiment goes both ways and they know the more time they spend in each other’s company the harder it’ll be to part ways.

Simon is forced to leave after one of Beth’s roommates gives him up to the sheriff and company. Beth goes after him hoping to help him but soon changes her mind and hopes to convince him that they can have a future together. Their adventure sure is an adventure of a kind. They have all sorts of people looking for them, which makes it harder for Beth and Simon to agree to a life together.

I hadn’t read a western historical romance in years, and this sure made for an entertaining read. Beth is compassionate but very astute. I enjoyed her strong character, and at times I thought she was stronger than Simon. Simon seemed younger than Beth and at times he could be a bit childish. Perhaps it was the predicament he was in, which didn’t let him offer or be for Beth what he wanted to be or do. This is a refreshing read for historical romance lovers looking for a new twist in the historical genre.