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Crazy for Him

Crazy for Him - Sofia Tate Crazy for Him by Sofia Tate is a super short read. It’s the story of Lucy and Tomas. Both of them are opera singers, which I thought was a nice twist compared to all the other stories out there.

I also found I’m late to the party, because it turns out these two characters make an appearance in the earlier Davison and Allegra’s books (I’ll have to read those one of these days).

In Crazy for Him, Lucy and Tomas are already married and with two kids. As Tomas drives to their destination Lucy proposes that they retell their love story to each other. The way in which the story is told is in first person from both POVs.

It is through a series of flashbacks that Lucy and Tomas tell each other their own version of how they fell in love, the ups and downs they had to overcome to be together.

The story is way to short so I can’t say anymore without giving it away. I’ll leave it at: if you’re looking for a good feel kind of story, this would be a good one to pick. It can be read in two hours or less.

I received a copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.