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Hot Toy

Hot Toy - Jennifer Crusie Hot ToyI think this is one of my favorite holiday short stories now. What's more is it didn't have any sexy time and I LOVE sexy time! On this one Jennifer Crusie went only as far as throwing a few kisses here and there. My book friends will probably raise their brows when they hear how much I loved this book.

This was a previously published work as part of an anthology and now it's being published by itself. If you haven't read it, you should. And if you've read it, then I'd recommend a reread.

Trudy is looking for the toy of the year for his nephew. The thing is it's Christmas' Eve, and the store is out of those toys. She doesn't give up easy and so she starts searching shelf after shelf hoping that someone had purposely hidden the toy some place else. In her search for the toy she stumbles upon Nolan, a Chinese literature professor, whom she went out with a few times. When she sees him she pretends he's not there.

Trudy really liked him but since he walked out on her at a Chinese Film Festival she's never forgiven him and nothing will change that, or so she thinks.

At the store she also stumbles upon Reese, her dad's former RA. In an effort to get rid off Nolan she flirts a little with Reese. She ends up having two conversations at once as all three of them know each other. In her search she finds the toy, except it is not this year's edition but last year's. She doesn't care. She takes it. Nolan offers her a lot of money for it, and so does another lady she bumps into at the register. No matter what Trudy holds on to it. What she doesn't know is all the people she's coming across are not who they seem to be and soon she finds herself in a lot of trouble.

Let me just say I read this while sitting at the dentist's office and was cracking up. People gave me the looks as if I was crazy and all I did was shrugged and say, "What? reading is better than browsing through Facebook, no?"

I highly recommend this short story. Yeah. It's borderline movie crazy. I sure hope nothing like this happens or has happened to anyone in real life, because if it did it wouldn't be as funny.