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The Beauty of the End

The Beauty of the End - Debbie Howells This book made me angry, broke my heart, and left me in tears.

What an emotional rollercoaster!

The first chapter had me confused as I wasn't sure whose POV it was, there seem to be a mix of two. Then the author revealed it was Noah speaking, and soon Ella is introduced.

The story evolves around the mystery surrounding April Moon's life. She's the woman Noah fell in love with when he was only 16 yrs old. She was a goddess to him and there never was another woman like her for Noah. Talk about undying, unconditional love.

Noah meets April when he moves to a new town with his family. He also becomes friends with Will. At 16 Noah feels pretty good about his life and everything he's got going for him, until things start to change, though he refuses to see things for what they are.

The story is full of flashbacks between the present and past. As details are uncovered regarding April and the events that sent her to ICU in a hospital, Noah recalls the various times he'd crossed paths with April. How destiny seemed to keep bringing them back together, and how closed he'd been to having it all. As he searches through his memories he starts seeing people he'd considered friend for who they really are, including April. The effect these people have and had on his life is upsetting. Seriously, who needs enemies when your friends are the worst of the worst, or when the love of your life doesn't trust you enough to tell you truths?

April had a terrible childhood (more like she didn't have one). Will is a conniving [fill in the blank]. Bea ... I don't know what to think of her other than she's sort of an enabler. Then there's Theo...my heart broke for him. I wanted to cry, then smash my device against the wall because he's a casualty in this mess, and Ella is a victim, who sounds so much like her mom.

Overall, this book messed with my head. I think I'll need therapy to recoup from this great read. Readers who enjoy psychological thrillers will LOVE this story.