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The Billionaire Single Dad

The Billionaire Single Dad - Mandy Baxter In this installment of the "A Billionaire's Club Story" by Mandy Baxter, Mandy introduces us to Carter Christensen. He's a widow, a father of 5-year old twins, a famous NFL quarterback, oh and a billionaire.

His wife died two years ago. She was his high school sweetheart and he can't see life without her. He's trying to do the best he can with his daughters but he knows he won't be enough. That when his daughters grow older they'll need someone. Yet the thought of him dating is kind of crazy for him. The only person he ever dated was his late wife.

Tess Adams moved into the cabin next door to his place at a vacation like area. Though most people go there to take some time off, Tess's situation is different. She inherited the place from her late aunt and after finding out that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her friend she decided to move from NY to Texas.

She catches a glimpse of Carter the same that he does of her but no one makes a move. Not until Carter's twins decide they've had enough of their dad and ran away. They ran away to Tess's barn.

Tess strikes a friendship with the girls, then goes off on Carter at his curt attitude. Though it doesn't last long because Carter decides Tess may just be who he needs.

Overall this is a cute read but now what I expected. The chemistry between Carter and Tess feels forced. They both have their own issues to deal with but in their interactions Tess just seems insincere toward Carter. When she finds that he's one of the famous Christensens, hence loaded, all the questions she asks and the thoughts she has make her sound almost like a gold-digger. In a nutshell, I didn't like Tess. Carter is also way too rough around the edges, and I guess he is meant to be that way. Perhaps if the heroine would've been different he wouldn't come across that way.