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The Lady and The Duke

The Lady and The Duke - Olivia Kelly This was a nice, sweet and short read. Anyone looking for a clean romance,this would be a nice add to their TBR.

Audrey is a down to earth girl and doesn't care for an aristocracy title. She wishes her mom would just drop it, and leave her alone instead of throwing her in front of every titled man she comes across. Audrey wants nothing more than a simple life, she'd be happy being a farmer's wife. That's how simple she wants things to be for her. And if by chance she happens to fall in love, then that would be a nice add on, but it is not exactly a requirement in her list.

Will is in town and not because he wants to be there. He's in town to right some things that have gone wrong for his sister. He never expects to cross paths with Audrey or even consider the thought of the possibility of marriage. After all in his eyes all women care for is the title and the money, but Audrey proves him wrong. She wants none of it, and that itself presents him with the challenge to woe her and make her his wife.

Again, overall I thought this was a quick short read. I don't really read clean romances (I like LOTS of spice in my books); however, I really liked this one. Olivia Kelly is a new author for me, and I am really looking forward to reading more of her work.

I follow her on Twitter (no I'm not a stalker), and I know she has lots of works and I can't wait to see them published.


Miss Audrey Ellis has failed to catch a wealthy, titled husband in her two London Seasons,and merely wishes to return to her quiet country life, leaving high society behind her for good. But when an unexpected encounter brings the Duke of Halford into her life, she will have to decide if she has the courage to change her prudent, unadventurous plans and reach for something more.

William Langston, the Duke of Halford, wasn't looking for love. He came to Town to track down his sister's blackmailer, hoping to head off a scandal in the making. But the Viscount Claremont is more elusive than the duke was prepared for, and leads him on a chase through society's drawing rooms and balls. Will soon finds himself distracted from his mission by Audrey's fresh beauty and lack of pretension, something scarce in his rarefied world.

The pair are drawn together despite their differences, but as scandal looms and rumors spread, danger is closer than ever before.