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The McCullagh Inn in Maine

The McCullagh Inn in Maine - Jen McLaughlin This is a short story packed with action and suspense. There is romance in to but I think Chelsea's secret overshadows her relationship with Jeremy, and so the romance kind of takes a seat in the back.

Chelsea is running away from her ex. It's only a matter of time before the cartel guys or law enforcement catches up to her. Well, that's if they ever find her. She decides to retreat to a town somewhere in Maine, and enlists her brother to help her change her identity. She thinks if she can use a different name she'll be able to hide in plain sight. She doesn't count on stumbling upon Jeremy, the man of her life.

Jeremy is back home and with an agenda of his own. First he wants to help Chelsea get out of the mess she's in, then he wants to keep her forever. She's the woman he's always loved and won't ever lose her again. Under false pretenses he does everything he can to keep her out of harm's way. Keeping her alive proves harder than he thought.

When she discovers Jeremy's deception he wants him out of her life, only her past knocks on her door and she has to choose between ending it all for good or trust law enforcement will take care of things.

I'm still not sure how I feel about the story. By chapter 8 I was a bit annoyed because Chelsea kept referring to something she'd done, but still hadn't revealed what it was that was so bad for her to try and hide. It takes a long while before she finally spills out her secret. I don't know about other readers but to me that secret slowed down the story and made it kind of boring at times. I found myself skipping to the later chapters to find out what her secret was, then went back to the earlier ones and finished reading.

I guess the story continues with their wedding (book 2).