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Bite at First Sight

Bite at First Sight - Brooklyn Ann I finally finished all three books in the Scandals with Bite series! These books are perfect for anyone who likes historical romances with a twist. These stories aren’t your regular historical romances, oh no. There are vampires in it, which makes them a total page a turner.

I have to say Bite at First Sight wasn’t my favorite. But don’t take me wrong, it was still a very good read. I just thought I’d love it as much as I loved book two.

In Bite at First Sight, Rafe Villar falls head over heels Lady Rosslyn, who cares nothing more but to be accepted to a medical school so she can become a physician. The problem is: people laugh at her ambition since that kind of career is considered for men only. So one night Rafe catches her at the cemetery ready to exhume a man who’s been dead for two days. It turns out vampires are scared because they think there’s a vampire killer after them, except Lady Rosslyn is no vampire killer at all.

Rafe tries to erase her memory but his luck would have it that she’s immune to his powers so he takes her prisoner and writes to the Elders letting them know of his predicament. He’s given two options: Change her or kill her. He doesn’t want to do either at first, but later changes his mind only he can’t Change her because he already Changed someone else.

While all that is happening, there’s another vampire who wants to kick Rafe out of being Lord of London and starts turning vampires against Rafe until he’s got enough to start his revolt. There are killings, rogues, kidnappings surrounding him, as well as an eminent war, which makes it all an entertaining read.

I guess the reason I wasn’t crazy about this one as much as I was about book two is because this one reminded me too much of the Twilight Saga with things such as: writing to the Elders and the battle at the end of book three, the only difference was there were no werewolves.

Overall, I still recommend this series. Brooklyn Ann has a way with words and keeps you turning the page until you reach the end of the story.