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Denial (Careless Whispers)

Denial (Careless Whispers) - Lisa Renee Jones I've been following Lisa Renee Jones since her Inside Out series. I've read every single book and I, and other readers, have always been intrigued about what happened to Ella.

Her disappearance has always been a mystery and sort of an unresolved item since Inside Out. Let me just say, Denial, doesn't disappoint and it's been worth the wait.

Ella wakes up in a hospital bed somewhere in Italy. She doesn't remember her name, how she got there, and who she's running from. Kayden, the stranger who rescued her, seems familiar but she can't place him. Her confusion only becomes worst when she finds there is a detective looking for her, trying to determine how she got to the hospital and her relationship with Kayden.

Gallo, the detective, is invested in her amnesia case and Ella can't understand why. But it doesn't take her long to find out there's beef between Gallo and Kayden and that neither men may actually want to help her without asking for something in return.

Kayden insists he wants to help her, but Ella suspects there's something else he isn't telling her. Kayden uses a scare tactic to make her remember her name, and that's all she remembers. Kayden and his friends create a complete different identity for her so she can hide in plain sight while her memories come back to her.

Little by little her memories begin to return -- not all of them though -- and each thing she remembers isn't better than the last. Her sad memories outweigh the good ones. Ella wants to leave, because she knows she's in danger and after finding out what happened to Kayden's friend and ex-fiancee in his own home she doesn't want to put him in anymore danger than she already is, and the danger that he is to her, to himself, and to others. The problem is every time she tries to place distance Kayden pulls her back in, and she can't say no. He weaves a fine weave and it'd be interesting to see how Ella escapes -- if she does -- unscathed.

I love, love, love this book. Denial is Lisa Renee Jones at her best. It's an erotic thriller written as only she knows how.