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Kiss Me Darkly

Kiss Me Darkly - Cecilia Gray This is a clean historical romance. It almost read like a virgin version of FSoG.
Dinah is intent on "curing" Graham from his "love" disease. She thinks there's a cure for everything and decides he'd be her test subject. Graham doesn't believe he can be cured and believes her notions are kind of out there, but he does it anyway. He's so hung up on the woman he thought was the one, he'd do anything to make the feeling go away.

As Dinah begins her experiments, which include a bit of pinching as he tells her how he met the woman of his life, they agree on a "safe word" though they don't call it that. Dinah explains its got to be something he wouldn't normally say, and how she'd cease her pinching and pulling of hair immediately when/if he says it [eye roll].

They part ways and only see each other again every year at the Belles' birthday bash, but they mail each other letters, and Graham talks her into reading more Shakespeare.

Tragedy strikes in his family. They accept their feelings for each other and just when they're ready to tell everyone about it they have to wait. It turns out others have the same announcement. Then the woman Graham thought he loved shows up again, and Dinah doesn't trust his feelings for her.