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A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin: The Debutante Files

A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin: The Debutante Files - Sophie Jordan A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin (The Debutante Files, #1)I received an autographed copy of this book by Sophie Jordan at RWA this year. The author is just as lovely as her writing. I'm a sucker for regency romances and so I was looking forward to devouring this book.

It took me longer to read than I wish it had, but I'll blame my day job for that. Anyway about this book...

Rosalie is dropped off at the door of the Declan, the Duke of Banbury. He happens to be her stepbrother (not by blood, his dad just married Rosalie's mom and adopted Rosalie). When they were kids Rosalie used to follow Declan around wherever he went, but it's been several years since the last time she saw him and she doesn't have high hopes that he'll take her in. The thing is her mom is nowhere to be found and she's got nowhere else to go.

Declan isn't happy about the situation. Seeing Rosalie in his house reminds him of his past and of the hatred he feels toward her mom for what she did to him. Given that he doesn't have the heart to toss Rosalie out on the street, he decides to give her the largest dowry so long as he gets rid off her by marrying her to someone STAT.

The problem is that as the days go by and they spend time together they start having feelings for each other. The try their best to ignore them but one thing leads to another until it is too late. Their story doesn't go without tragedy. When Rosalie's mom resurfaces she also wants to marry her off but not for the same reasons as Declan. Declan finally faces his demons and sends Rosalie's mom away for good.

This was such a lovely read. Fast-paced, with laughs and aww moments. I think my favorite part is every time Declan called Rosalie "carrots". If you're looking for a regency romance, this one's for you.