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Goodnight Tweetheart

Goodnight Tweetheart - Teresa Medeiros Teresa Medeiros' books are usually very fun to read. However, "Goodnight Tweetheart" left me wanting more. It is a contemporary romance that starts in twitter. It really caught my attention with the first few pages, the foreplay between the main characters was great, but after a while, personally I wanted more of just the twitter conversation. I was looking forward to the characters physically meeting. Don't get me wrong, the conversation was witty and sexy, and like I said it left me wondering when the two main characters would actually meet (or maybe that was why many other readers absolutely loved it). I guess I just wanted more physical interaction between the characters. By the way, the Southern Belle was quite funny.

WARNING! This is a spoiler.

And, what an end. Does one of the main characters live or die? What is up with that? Not all stories have to have a happily ever after ending, but here the characters met at the end in the condition they did? Come on! I was a bit disappointed...I love happy endings. I mean it was a happy ending I guess, the characters got to meet after all. But, why couldn't the characters meet in a much better, or a most romantic circumstance, I wanted to end the book with an "awww" instead of a sad "huh"?

Teresa Medeiros is one of my favorite authors, so I know I will continue to be one of her readers. Goodnight Tweetheart just left me wanting a little more :(