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Break In Two

Break In Two - M.J. Summers This was like a Spanish soap opera, except I like those better. Um, yeah. It's a contemporary romance and the author forgot the condoms and never addresses the unprotected sex.

~May contain spoilers~

The beginning hooked me. Claire is broken-hearted her boyfriend cheated on her. She thinks adding distance with her ex is the best thing to do and takes a job at a ranch in Colorado. The convo she has with her sister about her ex is hilarious and the scene when she first meets Cole makes you want to read more.

Then it goes down hill.

It turns out she's full of insecurities. She thinks she's overweight, not pretty, and she's super jealous, her excuse is how she was betrayed by her ex, which gets boring really quick. She goes from throwing insecurity/jealousy tantrums to being the "adult" later. It's almost as if she's bipolar and a grown up version of her surfaces.

Cole, the hero, is a different Cole at the beginning of the book to the one after he sleeps with Claire. He's got an ex that shows up with a secret baby, that turns out isn't his. But while they figure that out Claire breaks up with him.

They get into their dating history and sex, sex, sex, and more unprotected sex. My eyes might have bled a little.