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Duke of My Heart (A Season for Scandal)

Duke of My Heart (A Season for Scandal) - Kelly Bowen I really liked this book, though the end left me craving for a bit more. Maybe it's just me but it kind of seemed as though it ended abruptly.

Miss Ivory More used to be a Duchess but since her husband passed and given that his family weren't a fan of hers, she hides in a business both she and her deceased husband created. They'd known once he was gone his family would refuse to give Ivory her place as a Duchess.

Everyone in the ton knows who Chegarre & Associates is, but no one will admit it aloud. It's one of those society's best kept secrets. Chegarre & Associates has built a good reputation in getting people out of trouble and keeping their good name in society's eyes. Ivory works hard to make sure it stays that way.

For the past five years she's been able to manage all her clients just fine, until she meets Max Harcourt. He's a Duke by accident and doesn't want the title. He's back from his sea travels and is shocked when he finds Ivory in his house, trying to figure out what excuse to use to explain the dead, naked man in Max's sister's bed. As if that weren't enough, his sister is nowhere to be found.

Max has a hard time taking orders from Ivory, a woman he doesn't know. He doesn't trust her, yet has no other option than to do as she says.

They work together to find his sister, and as they find clues to his sister's whereabouts they realize there's an attraction they cannot ignore.

Overall, this was a good read, though I wish Max had been a bit more determined. There were a couple of times where I thought he'd been too naive for someone who's supposed to be worldly, and doesn't accept no for an answer. I liked Ivory's character. I thought she was the perfect heroine.