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Rebel Bride

Rebel Bride - Elizabeth Moss Rebel Bride (Lust in the Tudor Court, #2)The blurb in this book is what got me. I thought I'd enjoy it (and I did somewhat) but the heroine just killed me!

In Rebel Bride Susannah is betrothed to a guy who can be her father, she obviously doesn't want to be married to such a man. She likes Hugh, a guy who's best friends with her new brother in law, and who works for the King.

Their attraction is mutual and she wants to have sex with him but Hugh doesn't give in easily, because there'd be consequences he doesn't want to deal with. Plus, he's below her station.

Susannah discovers her dad's affair with a servant and she decides to escape. In her rush to runaway from her dad she gets caught by a couple of men who first want to rape her and almost do. But then she talks herself out of the situation and they take her to their boss, who then wants to force himself on her too but realizes he can probably marry her, let her give him a kid or two before he lets his men have her too. Ugh. This is sickening.

As her luck would have it she escapes them. Hugh rescues her and they can't keep their hands off each other so they give into temptation. Hugh then wants to marry her and Susannah declines because she wanted it to be a one-night-stand. I can't help but roll my eyes at that. I mean...A.One.Night.Stand...in um, 1536! But hey, it was the Tudor Court so anything went.

Most of the book Susannah spends her time giving Hugh reasons why she doesn't want to marry him, including that she doesn't love him. Hugh spends his time trying to convince her. Their sexy time was HOT, but the story was MEH.

I wanted to wring the Susannah's neck throughout the book. I get that Susannah wanted to be an independent woman, that she didn't want to be married. She wanted the freedom to do as she pleased but HELLOOO it was 1536. The detail in the scenes slowed down the story too, which didn't help any when I was already annoyed with Susannah. Would I recommend this book? Not unless you like annoying heroines. This was definitely not for me.