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Learning to Ride

Learning to Ride - Erin Knightley, James Patterson I loved this book!

It's a feel good romance. It reminds me of why I fell in love reading romance.

Madeline is a hard worker and wants nothing more than to climb the corporate ladder, and now she has the perfect opportunity to do so, and do it well. Only, she has to move from New York to Sunnybell, Texas. That's asking a lot of her, but she can do it. After all, if her calculations are right her stay will last no more than two years top.

After a few days of being holed up in a motel, she misses the city noise and so she decides to visit the only place open after 8pm on a Thursday. There she meets a cowboy, who she's got no clue is somewhat of a celebrity in town.

Tanner is a former Rodeo star. He never dallies with women from town and thinks Madeline is just passing by. After spending one night together, he doesn't imagine he'd ever see her again and is shocked when he stumbles upon her at a store.

It bothers him that despite their chemistry Madeline acts like their one-night stand didn't mean anything. This becomes a challenge for him because no one's ever rejected him in such a way. He offers to help her clean her front yard. This isn't out of the goodness of his heart, he does this to get closer to her so that it is she who comes begging him later. But she doesn't. LOL!

Madeline seems a little snotty at times. She's the girl from a big city in a little town. She dreams big, and wants to make her place in Corporate America, she's always planning for the future--retirement.

Tanner is more let's live in the moment kind of guy. He wants to enjoy life to its fullest and doesn't want to be tied down to rules and the like. He's super funny, and so sexy I could almost hear his Texan drawl.

They couldn't be any more opposites than they are, but when they get together sparks fly. Their banter is sexy and a bit comical. I really loved this book by Erin.