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Forgotten Dreams

Forgotten Dreams - Alexia Banks 2.5-2.75 stars

Shane owns her own company, and now that she has a partner to share the workload she decides to take some needed time off. She wants space from her cheapstake excuse of a boyfriend, if one could call him that; so, she heads over to a place a client deeded over to her recently. She expects to fall in love with the place. She imagines how the "house" must look sitting in the middle of the vineyard. Ha! The last thing she expects is to find "the" house in the state she does.

She's ready to sue the client that thought her a fool, when she stumbles upon Jesse, who is there to complain about her dangerous tenant. She dismisses whatever Jesse claims, as the only thing in her mind is getting rid off the place and making sure her client pays her with real money this time.

On the day she decides to leave she suffers an accident that puts her right in Jesse's care. One thing leads to another, and they both give into the attraction they each feel for the other.

There's a mystery surrounding the grounds of her property, and soon she discovers what it is. Not only that, but she also discovers where she comes from and hates the thought of it.

According to reviews, other readers have enjoyed it very much; however, for me this was just an okay read.


Itching for adventure, Miami private investigator Shane Connelly heads for Swan Creek in North Carolina wine country. But she quickly discovers it’s anything but the perfect spot to while away the summer months. Her country home turns out to be a burned out hovel that she suspects is haunted. Discouraged, she plans to head home when a handsome stranger arrives at her doorstep. Before she can beat a trail off the mountain, Shane and her handsome neighbor Jesse are inexplicably drawn together as they dodge bullets, unearth ghosts, and unravel a dark town secret. In the end, Shane realizes it's not the high altitudes making her head spin, but her brooding lover with the penetrating dark eyes.