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Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire

Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire - Rachel Lyndhurst If life weren't a beach(you know what I mean)there wouldn't be misunderstood hearts and souls that would meet when least expected, make up, and fall in love forever and a day. That is the story of Andreas and Kizzy.

Andreas is a demanding, no non-sense, do as I say or else kind of guy, very manipulative. Yeah, my total kind of guy in romance stories-- that is (real life is another story all together for me, LOL). He's a busy business man, who's built his fortune with real hard work. The golden bow on top? He's more than just handsome. I mean, the man is Adonis. Beautiful dark eyes, hair, tanned, and a body to die for. Needless to say, women throw themselves at him, if he so chooses he can have his pick of any of them, any time he wants to. When he tires of them, he discards them without second thought (yeah, he can be a jerk and nice about it too HA!). He doesn't want any kind of long standing attachments, or anything serious, just a nice fun ride. That is all great and good until Kizzy stumbles upon him by chance. She doesn't know him, but he does her.

Kizzy is a sweet, naive, and sometimes insecure kind of girl. She can be witty at times too. She has no family to speak of, and the only one thing she has left is now being taken from her. She's not about to give it up without a fight, and that is when she's unexpectedly kinnapped to a place that should only belong in dreams. Add the most beautiful man to that and she's in heaven.

This story left me speechless. Andreas and Kizzy are broken souls whose past has left scars in its own way on them both. Because of those scars they're afraid to open up to each other. However, their untold secrets are the magnet in their attraction for each other, and the way out of what's been their empty and almost miserable existence up until now.

The characters go thru a set of emotions, and gradually open up to each other. In each other's company they learn to mend their broken hearts and souls, accept who they are, and what they truly feel and mean to each other. Yes, Andreas is very, very, very manipulative... but Kizzy teaches him a lesson. A good lesson at that, mind you.

I truly enjoyed this book. Rachel's Greek Billionaire (Andreas) can kidnap me anytime. Hey, I'll go more than just willingly.

P.S. From now on, every time I talk to my tech at work, whose name is Andreas too, I'm afraid the Greek billionaire Andreas will come to mind. Too bad my tech doesn't have the looks or the billions.