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Kill Me Tomorrow

Kill Me Tomorrow - Diane Alberts The saying goes: there is a thin line between love and hate, but I think on Kill Me Tomorrow there is a third element to it and that's passion.

Jasmine has a problem, she's a virgin-- imagine that! She's desperate to be rid of her virginity. She's supposed to choose a husband on her birthday. Where she's from no one is a virgin by the time they marry, it's almost as if it were a sin to be a virgin. Interesting, don't you think?

Gavin is looking for a night of fun. The last thing he expects is to be set up with someone who is his kind's enemy. That, however, is the least of his problems. His real problem is the attraction that unfolds between him and Jasmine. It takes only one look, and one touch to know there's always tomorrow to go for the kill, should they wish it.

This is another one of the Madame Eve's One Night Stand series, perfect for bed time. A sweet and very sexy read.

Jasmine Baruch is a jinn-a supernatural being who fights demons with fire. While that’s difficult enough, she’s got bigger problems. She’s a virgin, and in the jinn culture, that is sheer blasphemy. Jinn are supposed to be passionate, promiscuous creatures-everything she isn’t. Due to marry the next day, she takes matters into her own hands by using 1NS. But, like the rest of her life, nothing is easy. The man chosen for her, though incredibly gorgeous, is a demi-sanguine; a half-human, half-demon-her enemy.

Gavin Werbato is looking for an easy night of sex. Nothing more, nothing less. Instead, he gets a gorgeous jinn convinced it is her duty to kill him. He can certainly think of better things to do with her soft hands than murder. He need only convince her of that…

Can the fire sparked when these beings collide be controlled, or will it consume their world as they know it?