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Bloodlust - Faye Robertson A sexy and somewhat funny love story.

Jasper has always had a thing for nuns, until he meets one that changes his life forever, and he hers. Almost two hundred years have passed. He's a famous CEO and he's kept on the good side of things. How could he not? The damn curse won't let him be other than good. Everything is just as it should, but then a group of Nuns are in his office, and keeping his dick in check proves troublesome.

Amabel is an ex-Nun. She's never seen the Vampire that changed her, and expects never to see him again. Who would've thought after almost two hundred years she'd find herself standing face to face with him? She is very attracted to him, but like two hundred years ago, she is not willing to be charmed by him. Nuh-uh. The thing is she's still a virgin, and when Jasper finds out, well... he makes it his mission to relieve her of that...

This is a short story. Very entertaining, with witty dialogue, and some steam. Very worth the read.

It had to be nuns.

Some vampires had a thing for B+. Some preferred redheads. Others preferred blondes.

For Jasper, it had to be nuns--and he's been regretting that since the day he bit Amabel de Woodville, almost two centuries ago.

She'd done something to him. Something that restored his conscience, pointed his moral compass straight north, and ended his career of seducing virgin nuns and killing as he pleased. But even worse--she'd gotten under his skin, and he hasn't forgotten the green-eyed witch who'd been immune to his charms.

When Amabel ends up in his office, still as young as the day they'd met and seeking a charity sponsor, Jasper has the chance he's ached for: to show her the pleasure that's haunted her dreams for decades. He's taken the virginity of a hundred nuns...but a vampire nun? That's new.

And Jasper has always enjoyed a challenge.