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Scotsmen Prefer Blondes

Scotsmen Prefer Blondes  - Sara Ramsey Meddling in others affairs is easy, breaking the rules is fun, paying for the consequences not so much.

Amelia has a free will spirit, except no one but her family knows that about her. Even her family, doesn't know all there's to know about her. Amelia has a secret, she thrives in it, if anyone ever finds out about it, she'd be doomed. She's sworn off marriage and will not bother to hear what anyone has to say about it. She's set in her ways, and cannot wait to officially claim spinsterhood. She's got a plan, and no one will get on the way of that.

Malcolm is an Earl, who lives in the highlands and is in need of a wife. He needs a wife to farther his political goals, not a wife to love, just a wife who can give him an heir or two, host parties, and be a pretty face. The dolt! His now happily married friend Ferguson, the Duke of Rothwell, introduces him to Prudence, and warns him to stay away from the harpy-- the harpy being Amelia. As only fate would have it, he finds himself irrevocably attracted to the harpy. The harpy, Amelia, will have none of him.

Amelia is full of plans, except her plan backfires on her. She finds herself engaged to Malcolm, and dares him to cry off, but he doesn't. He'd first let her cry off, but she doesn't either. It is a battle of wills. She looks for all the possible ways to break off the engagement, only to find at every turn she's even more tangled in the web of her own making.

Malcolm and Amelia have strong personalities, their arguments lead to really heated situations that can only be solved behind closed doors. Even then, they don't give in. It is a merry chase. Malcolm doesn't want to love her, Amelia doesn't want to love him, but it is late for them both. They're head over heels with each other, and just when things start to lighten up, her secret is at risk of becoming public, where yet another fight awaits them and decisions must be made.

I am declaring myself an irrevocable fan of Sara Ramsey. Heiress Without A Cause was good, but Scotsmen Prefer Blondes is even better. The interaction between the characters couldn't have been any better than it was. It was AWESOME. The sensual tension had me on my toes. The drive in both characters was simply amazing. It didn't matter who was right or wrong, the way Sara worked them out was flawless. Again, I am anxiously waiting for book # 3, which will be some months before is out-- but it shall be good.

She never wanted marriage…

When a friend is forced to consider a marriage of convenience, Lady Amelia Staunton is determined to rescue her. But her plans trap her in an illicit seduction, and Amelia must marry him herself. Malcolm’s all-consuming kisses and devilish humor might make up for her lost freedom, but she believes he will force her to abandon the Gothic romances she yearns to write. Since she can’t escape him, she must distract him from her secret…

He isn’t looking for love…

A powerful autocrat with a well-hidden rebellious streak, Malcolm MacCabe doesn’t need another beautiful mistress – he needs an obedient wife. Obedience is not one of Amelia’s virtues. But he’s too enthralled by her wit and passion to let her go – even if it means risking the political reputation he is building to save his clan.

Their hearts can’t survive the scandal…

Despite their intentions, every wicked embrace binds them together. But as their conflicting desires combust into insatiable hunger and unavoidable ruin, they must decide whether to pursue their personal destinies alone – or fight for the love that could destroy them both.(