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Seduced by the Vampire King

Seduced by the Vampire King - Laura Kaye I have to start by saying... this Vampire King can bite me anytime. There I said it!

Not sure where to start, this is an early review as the book is not yet out, and I want to be careful of any spoilers, but OH.MY.GOD. Laura Kaye delivers as only she knows how.

Nikolai lost his brothers to very evil creatures and he wants revenge. The thing is it isn't only vengeance that he seeks. He feels he's at fault for the tragedy surrounding the loss of his brothers, and he wants to find a way to make up for it-- although, he knows nothing will ever bring them back. The evil creatures he seeks, are exactly that, evil. For this wounded King, love is the farthest thing from his mind. Talk about having priorities straight :)

Kate knows all about the Vampire world, and wants nothing to do with it. She's successfully put thousand of miles between her and her family ties. Everything works out perfectly until she crosses paths with Nikolai. She has two choices... and nope I can't say what her choices are.

What I can say is that from the moment they meet, there is a spark that ignites and no matter what they do, it remains constant. Then there is this dungeon (not the kind of dungeon you may think-- this one is actually nice), there are bars, security cameras, a fabulous bedroom.

The sensual tension is... h.o.t. and the love making is... *sigh* Let me just say, I would've never thought biting would bring such bliss (NO. This is NOT a spoiler!)

Laura Kaye's fans will fall in love yet again <3<br/>
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American exchange student Kate Bordessa has fled to Russia to escape her family's hopes that she'll become one of the Proffered, human women who feed and mate with elite vampire warriors. But when she stumbles upon a wounded vampire in the streets of Moscow, she's instinctively driven to protect him--and feels an undeniable spark of desire.

Grieving over the deaths of his brothers, Vampire Warrior King Nikolai Vasilyev has thrown himself into battling his enemies, focused only on vengeance. Until the attack that brought him to Kate. Their sexual attraction explodes into a night of uncontrolled passion--a night that marks them as mates. Is their connection strong enough to convince them to embrace a destiny neither of them was expecting?