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Johnnie Blue

Johnnie Blue - Denyse Cohen This is an extremely quick read.

The heroine hates weddings, and she's only in attendance because her husband (who's been away on business) is friends with the groom. She's at the bar minding her own business when a drop dead gorgeous stranger who seems to ignore everyone else but her, hits on her.

She makes a little fun of it, walks away only to find him later standing right behind her in the ladies room.

Well, I can't go on anymmore because I'll totally give it away. Let me just say, the stranger is no stranger...

Again, this is a very short read and quite enjoyable.

A very short story about the best of weddings: hooking up with completely strangers. But when a married woman who hates weddings meets a gorgeous stranger determined to give her the ride of a lifetime she might not have the strength to turn him away.

Sensuality Level: Hot