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A Rogue by Any Other Name

A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean A Rogue by Any Other Name is a magnificent story about the taming of a rogue...

Bourne is a Rogue of Rogues. He takes no for an answer. He always gets what he wants, when he wants it, where he wants it, precisely how he wants it, from whoever he wants it, no matter the venue. Yes, that is Bourne for you. A rotten Rogue. He's the bad boy every woman wants to have, just for the thrill of being with him if naught else. He carries a nine years long scar, his one reminder of the night he was left with nothing else but the clothes on his back. He seeks revenge at all costs.

Penelope yearns for the day she sets eyes, once again, on her long lost childhood friend, Michael. Since the tragedy that took his parents' lives, he never once responded to her letters. Regardless, she still writes to him, she just doesn't mail anything anymore. She's almost officially a spinster; she's not exactly happy about her situation but doesn't mind anyway. She believes in true love. Unfortunately, her dad thinks otherwise and makes a play for the one thing that many men seek, but only Bourne can have.

Bourne has plans A, B, C, and even D (if necessary) aligned, and he's ready to execute any of them when he stumbles upon Penelope (it's more like they stumble upon each other). That is where and when the taming of the Rogue of Rogues begins.

Penelope discovers Bourne is no longer the sweet Michael she once knew. Bourne, on the other hand, regrets the cards life has played him. Her. Them. The last thing he wants is to hurt Penelope, the problem is, she's in the middle of it all.

Bourne has one too many demons to fight. Penelope's got nothing but love for him. Soon Bourne realizes his long awaited sweet revenge is not so sweet anymore, and there'll be more than hell to pay. They both have hard decisions to make if they want, what they think they have, to work.

I'd never read anything by Sarah Maclean before; however, after this book, I'm a new fan.