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Second Bite

Second Bite - Lauren Stewart This is a really short story so I can't really say much. In a nutshell, this is a "short romance" about the Vampire who started it all. He's lived for centuries, and now he works with the humans, as a human and is in love with a co-worker. This last, he doesn't realize until tragedy strikes and he has to choose between what he is, and who he loves.

Overall it was an entertaining short story. The hero could probably have had a bit more alpha in him-- he was just too nice and soft for the Vampire he was supposed to be, in my opinion anyway. When I read about Vampires I expect to see a sensual thrill, almost a threat, enchantment, you know. After all they're supposed to be kind of that forbidden fruit, don't you dare bite it. Well, while this read was ok, it did leave me craving for some of that.

Party planner, Olivia, would rather be getting a root canal.

Instead, she’ll be surrounded by vampires at the 1500th Re-Birthday party of their leader. With access to synthetic and donor blood, vampires are no longer just creatures of myth—they are out and proud, living amongst the humans they used to secretly feed upon. And no one besides Olivia seems to have a problem with them.

As if her trust issues aren’t enough to cope with tonight, she also has to deal with her feelings for her co-worker Daniel. Gorgeous, kind and honest, he’s the perfect guy . . . except for the fact that he’s dead, his diet consists solely of blood, and those long, romantic walks on the beach that women fantasize about would turn him into dust.

Daniel knows he isn’t the perfect guy. He hates who and what he is. There is no redemption possible, no way for him to be the man Olivia deserves. But, damn it, that’s exactly who he wants to be.

And just when she finally opens up and lets him into her heart, everything she lives for is put at risk. Can Daniel overcome two lifetimes of guilt and be the man she needs? Will either of them get out of this alive?