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Claim Me

Claim Me - J. Kenner Damian Stark kept me up 'till the wee hours of the night reading Claim Me. Goodness, Damian is...well, he...um, he's just Damian!

After reading Release Me, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Claim Me. I wanted to know how the story between Damian and Nikki would evolve. Release Me stopped on a cliffhanger and there was no way I wouldn't read Claim Me. Release Me had many untolds that weren't necessarily secrets but kept me guessing the truths since there were things the characters wouldn't say aloud.

Claim Me picks up right where Release Me left off. Nikki is now back with Damian and she's excited about her new job. The portrait isn't complete yet because Blaine is still working on the final touches, but as soon as it is, she'd have a million dollars to start her own business. The thing is, she doesn't yet want to do that because she doesn't feel ready. She thinks she needs more experience in the field no matter how hard Damien tries to tell her otherwise.

Damien, on the other hand, is happy to have Nikki back but a blast from the past has reared its ugly head and he's trying to desl with it. In dealing with it, he does his best to keep Nikki out of it. He's willing to do anything to keep her safe, and for a short time it seems as if his lawyers will succeed in making it go away. That is until his dad shows up and muddies the water for Damian in an effort to convince him to show up at a dedication event for the man Damian despises with all his might. From then, things go south for both Damian and Nikki.

The secret of their arrangement is out, everyone knows she accepted a million for the portrait now gracing Damian's house. As if that weren't enough, things with her new job don't go as expected. Needless to say she needs to come up with plan b in order to survive as being unemployed isn't a great alternative. And, no way she'd accept to live off of Damian, no matter what he says.

Both Damian and Nikki face several issues that can easily set them apart, but just when one of the two is giving up the other one proves what they have in each other is stronger than any adversity thrown at their door.

The sex is hot damned hot and it gets better as the story progresses. Where the story leaves off had me screaming, "what? no?" Seriously, why did it stop where it did? Why? I can't wait for Complete Me to find out how the rest of the conflict and the story unfolds.