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Jagger's Moves

Jagger's Moves - Allie Standifer This is a new to me author and I got the book as a freebie on Amazon. Jagger's Moves is part of the SEALs On Fire anthology. There are little over a handful of guy friends, who happen to be SEALs.

The guys are some place in Florida on leave and plan to get the best out of their time there because they can be called back to duty any time.

This is Jagger's story. His mom has charged him to get a sorta famous erotica author at the airport and ensure she makes it safe and sound to her hotel. Jagger thinks it's an easy task and can't wait to get it done so he can go with the rest of the guys and maybe even find a warm body for that night. The one thing he doesn't count on is that his charge, Alexa, has changed into a beautiful woman.

He can no longer see her as his childhood friend but rather someone with to spend some time in bed.

Alexa is thrilled about Jagger picking her up, and unlike Jagger she's always had the hots for him. So this is a dream come true because before the night is over she plans to spend it in bed with him.

Overall, it was an okay story. There wasn't any romance, then again this is an erotic read. I didn't care much for the characters, something just wasn't there or didn't click all the way for me.


Jagger’s ready to cast off the weight of his SEALs responsibility, if only for a few days. Except his mom’s a pro with guilt which has him standing in the airport waiting for his childhood friend. Maybe a quick lunch, a fast game of catch up and he’d be out the door and on his way to the bar where his teammates were waiting.

Alexa’s eager to see Ty again if only to prove her silly girlhood crush was just that, a crush. Except when she finally sees him all those old feelings come rushing back combined with a woman’s needs that leave her trembling with desire.