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Dare to Touch

Dare to Touch - Carly Phillips Olivia Dare doesn’t believe in love, or that’s what she wants to believe anyway. While growing up her dad was too busy to spend the holidays, birthdays, and other important family events. At least that’s what her entire family thought until the day he showed up asking all his kids to get tested, because it turned out he had a second entire family on the side.

Her dad’s betrayal hurt her, so much that she believed every word her college boyfriend told her. Olivia didn’t only end up with a broken heart but pregnant as well. And just when she’d come to terms with her pregnancy, tragedy struck and her worst nightmare became a reality. It’s for all those reasons and then some that she denies with all her might the attraction she feels for Dylan, her super-hot co-worker.

Dylan has had it. Seeing that everyone’s getting hitched at the office makes him realize that it’s about time he amps his game with Olivia. He’s ready to have a serious relationship and he knows she’s got secrets but so does he. The difference is he’s willing to open up and share his past if it means he can move forward and win Olivia’s heart. But his challenge is getting Olivia to open up to him and let him show her there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Once Dylan starts there’s nothing to stop him. He wants Olivia and not for just a fling. He wants her forever. And just then complications arise. Meg, his ex, shows up crying about the loser her ex is. She relies a lot on Dylan and this hadn’t been a problem before because Olivia wasn’t in the picture. Now that she is Dylan makes it clear to Meg she needs to stop relying on him and his sister as much as she does. Meg soon becomes friends with Olivia, and in befriending her Olivia comes to terms with her past and how wrong she’s been. She’s then determined to go all in with Dylan.

Carly Phillips knows how to write romance that reaches her readers’ hearts. In this installment she touches upon a couple of hard subjects and does it in such a way one can only feel for the characters, especially Olivia. I’ve loved the previous books in this series, but I think this is by far my favorite. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Meg at first. She seemed needy and I wanted her out of the picture, then again the way Carly worked her scenes made ending up liking Meg more than I wanted to. Dylan is definitely my favorite hero in this series, and he’s NOT an infamous Dare, imagine that! It was nice to see the other Dare siblings and significant others along with their babes in the epilogue. However, it punch-packed what is coming up in the next installments and I feel that took away from Dylan and Olivia’s story. Regardless, I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a light read with lots of “aaww” moments.