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Dare to Hold

Dare to Hold - Carly Phillips
In Dare to Hold Carly Phillips takes us into the lives of Meg and Scott. If you’ve been following the series then you know Meg is Dylan’s best friend or used to be anyway up until he fell head over heels with Olivia. Since, Meg has become close friends with Olivia and now probably hangs out with her more than she ever did with Dylan.

Meg is in a difficult situation. She’s pregnant and her ex is nuts–as in crazy. He wants her to have an abortion but she wants to keep the baby. Her ex is afraid that his parents will disown him and make Meg’s baby their heir.

Meg always falls for the wrong men and now that she’s pregnant with her worst nightmare’s baby she’s determined to right all the wrongs in her life. When Scott, Olivia’s brother, decides to step in and help she hesitates. He’s handsome and not a man like the ones she’s used to dealing with. She accepts his help because it’s not like she can get rid of him. Scott is there whether she likes it or not and there isn’t much she can do about it to make him go away.

Soon her fears become a reality. She starts falling for him but she knows Scott is just a temporary person in her life. He isn’t signing up for marriage, daddy, or diaper duty. Or so she thinks, until he makes it clear that her pregnancy doesn’t bother him in the least and what she thought was a fling becomes a permanent fixture in her life.

Carly Phillips’ unique style shines again in this installment. She gives you a little bit of everything. Hot sex, a hot hero, and a lot of conflict. What’s not to like?