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Trouble at the Wedding

Trouble at the Wedding - Laura Lee Guhrke Trouble at the Wedding by Laura Lee Guhrke is absolutely fantastic. It is a five of five stars read. This is a story worth reading a thousand times over, and one will only fall in love again and again with Christian Du Quesne, Duke of Scaraborough and Annabel Wheaton.

Annabel is one of the most astute women characters I’ve ever read. Oh my, how she fixes her way out of ruination and makes Christian sign a contract as her Trustee is the BEST turn of events in the story; any reader can expect anything and everything, but this little twist is short of marvelous. If Christian thinks no one can ever outsmart him, he just met his match for all he’s worth. I can literally hear Annabel’s beautiful honey sweet southern drawl… (not exaggerating really…).

The attraction and foreplay between Christian and Annabel captures the reader’s attention wholly. Christian is the unattainable Duke, who’s sworn never to marry again. His vow only holds true until Annabel comes around and he admits second chances are allowed. This second chance does not right his wrongs but rights his life.

My favorite parts of the book are:

1. When Annabel’s uncle hires Christian to talk her out of marrying Rumsford. I can’t seem to get out of my head when her uncle says, “oh God no, that’d be like trading a toothless horse for a lame one” (I think that’s what the book says…)

2. When Annabel refuses Christian’s offer for a fake engagement, and tells him, “Duke or not, I wouldn’t have you on a silve platter.” That is such a good blow to his pride.

3. When they admit to each other, they truly love one another.

This book is so great that I need to read it over because I couldn’t get enough of it the first time. I’ve read tons of books, and out of all those I have very few that are simply unforgettable, and re-readable a thousand times over.