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A Week to Be Wicked

A Week to Be Wicked - Tessa Dare Sinfully delicious...

Lord Payne (Ryan Gosling's look alike)is a rascal and a rogue at best. His pocket strings are tightly tied, until his next birthday. The only other way to claim his fortune is if he marries, but that last is out of the question.

Minerva is a geologist, who prefers to hide her beauty in her love for books and rocks. She views marriage as an impossibility, not a necessity, and spinsterhood as a likely reality.

Lord Payne loathes Minerva as much as she does him, or so that is what everyone thinks. The man can't ever remember her name, or that is at least what he has everyone believe. He calls her by any other M name, and hardly ever by her real name.

Minerva on the other hand, wants nothing to do with him. Yet, she will do anything to impede him marrying her sister. She has an indicent proposal that any other man, in the right mind, would decline, but Lord Payne isn't any other man. He is after all Lord Payne, and TROUBLE is his middle name.

They go on a most adventurous journey, full of broken promises, thieves, chases, lies, tragedy, exploring of bodies-- according to them it is for purely scentific purposes (yeah right!).

A Week to Be Wicked is pure Devil Chocolate Cake. The cover tells it all… it is sinfully delicious between the sheets!

One of my most favorite dialogue: “Give me a moment to absorb the disappointment.” I’m still chuckling at this. Lord Payne, such a playful devil.