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One Dance with a Duke

One Dance with a Duke - Tessa Dare A perfect Cinderella story! The Duke of Midnight– the ton is totally intrigued by him. I mean, who wouldn’t? Well, that is where Amelia d’Orsay comes in. Where every woman dreams… to be the chosen one for that one magical waltz at midnight, Amelia does not. Not until that night when she chooses him and not the other way around. Better yet, her reasons for choosing him have nothing to do with wanting to fulfill a silly girl’s dream, rather she wants from him something that no woman of her station should even discuss.

Spencer is very manipulative, but so is she in her own way. Where Spencer seems unbendable, Amelia is too soft hearted; however, as the story develops they both learn to let out that side of them they are afraid to show.

One of my favorite parts is where she tells the others she’s heard he turns into a hedgehog. Come on, Tessa– you’ve had me laughing since last night! I can’t seem to get this out of my head. Oh and wait… that Blackberry glaze (yum) … I need that recipe.

This is the kind of story that shows how love finds one, and not the other way around. I know… I know… it is just a romance novella, but I’m a hopeless romantic. Yes, guilty as charged.

This is the first book by Tessa Dare, I’ve dared to read ;0) … and I can’t wait to read the next two in the sequel. I now need to know what happens with the other two. For one, I need to know more about how big, Rhys really is. And Bellamy, I’ve got a hunch all along a romance between him and Lily has been cooking under everyone’s noses.