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Watch Me

Watch Me - Lisa Renee Jones This was a quick and fun read with a bit of steam in it. I don't usually read Harlequin, and when/if I do I'm a bit picky on what I do read. This was one I could not pass on.

Lisa Renee Jones has quickly become one of my go to authors and so I knew I was in for a good read, and she did not dissapoint.

Reading this book was as if I was watching one of the one too many reality shows currently out there. Except Watch Me is focused on dancing for a dream. There was a bit of intrigue, steam, a hot hero, a feisty heroine, a "curse", and fights between the contestants. Really, it was just like a reality show.

There was quite a bit of sensual tension at the beginning of the book between Sam, the hero, and Meagan, the heroine; however, it kind of died down a little as the story progressed. It was still good regardless.

Overall, for anyone who likes reality TV shows and looking for a quick fun read, this would be a good book to check.


Twelve young dancers are competing for the dream. Only one will win. But with sabotaged sets and flooded living quarters, the "Curse" threatens both competitors and crew. And unless she can turn this train wreck into a TV triumph, producer Meagan Tippan's dream will be the Curse's last victim….

Enter security head and former Special Forces soldier—and all-around pain in Meagan's butt— Sam Kellar. He's a nightmare…and the stuff that X-rated dreams are made of! But as tensions between Meagan and Sam become increasingly explosive, their only choice is to get it all out—and take it all off!