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The Forest Lord

The Forest Lord - Susan Krinard Hern is a Lord of the Fane, a race ancient before the coming of Man. For a thousand years he has guarded his forest realm on the Lakeland estate of Hartsmere. He longs to return to the Blessed Land of his own people, but he must bring with him a half-mortal heir, whose humanity will strengthen the weakened blood of the Fane.

He chooses Lady Eden Fleming to bear his child and free him from the bonds of earth. But when she discovers his inhuman identity, she flees, carrying their unborn child within her.

Many years later, Lady Eden, once a diamond of the ton, is a debt-ridden widow with memories of one brilliant night of love. But she discovers that the child of that forbidden union, believed long dead, still lives.

Eden’s joyful reunion with her son at Hartsmere is complicated by the proud and insolent servant, Hartley Shaw. He and her son share mysterious gifts that intrigue and frighten her. Who is Hartley Shaw, why has he come to Hartsmere–and how can she be falling in love with him?

The Forest Lord by Susan Krinard is a magical fairy like story. As the book summary reads, Lord Hern is expelled from Tir-na-nog until the day he produces an heir. He lives in the enchanted woods among mankind which he absolutely despises. There is also a pact with the humans that he breaks; however, this is not all his doing. Lord Bradwell goes hunting in the woods (a place he never should’ve gone hunting to begin with), and the beast (on this case Lord Hern/The Forest Lord) catches him. Lord Hern spares Lord Bradwell’s life on the condition that his daughter marries him and gives him the child he needs. Lord Bradwell agrees, but part of the agreement requires that his daughter Eden must accept him.

Lord Hern disguises himself as Cornelius Fleming, a distant cousin who’s just returned from India. Eden falls head over heels for him, and awaits with joy her wedding day. Except a day before the wedding, Lord Hern takes her and makes her his. Although he lives among the humans, he still has powers. He makes use of his powers and ensures Eden gets pregnant that night. Her father finds them the next day, and when he confronts Cornelius about breaking their agreement; Cornelius no longer looks like himself but rather like a creature out of this world. Eden sees him, and runs away scared of him.

Six years go by, things have drastically changed, she even married Spencer– who’s a total wastrel. At his death he leaves her with nothing, and she decides to return to Hartsmere. Upon her return she discovers the child she’d been told had died, is actually amongst the living. It doesn’t take long for her to find him. Almost immediately, Lord Hern/Cornelius finds out she’s back. As usual, he assumes a different disguise and presents himself as Hartley Shaw.

Hartley Shaw’s plan is to take revenge on Eden, and take his son (Donal) with him. His revenge scheme fails, as he gets closer to her, feelings arise; not just in him but in her as well. When he learns Eden didn’t know about their son’s existence, he changes his scheme. He still plans to take his son with him, back to his “magical land”, except now he wants to give Eden another child, so that she’s never alone. He doesn’t think it’s possible for him to love, but it is a surprise when he realizes he can love the same as humans do.

Tragedy strikes (as it must happen in all stories) and more deceptions come to light. Eden discovers her real mom’s identity, and later finds out who her real father is. Hartley takes Donal with him back to the “magical land”, but he’s not allowed entry unless he’s cleansed from the burden he carries.

This is an excellent story for Twilight Saga fans. It is pretty much along the same lines when it comes to creatures out of this world (meaning magic, powers, and the like.) This is a most romantic story.