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Revenge at Bella Terra

Revenge at Bella Terra - Christina Dodd A 96-100 points extraordinary story. I'm using this scale because of all the great mouth watering wine Christina Dodd made me crave throughout the story. Yes, I had to have Cabernet, cheese, crackers, and grapes. It was nearly impossible to put down.

The characters come alive ... the Di Luca family sense of "one for all and all for one", totally draws the reader into the story. Then, Eli with his dark past-- oh my, poor guy. And Chloe such a clever young woman. The skull and the red candles props are way too funny. One of my favorite parts is where her mom makes her retrace the events in thoughts to find the truth behind Eli. That is a great lovers' fight... I absolutely loved it. The unsolved murder that surrounds them just brings things together.

Let me not forget about Wyatt, that is some kind of a twisted twist. The one thing that kinda got me thinking is how he ends three floors down. I know how he ends down there... I'm just saying that'll be one of those hush hush family secrets that no one will ever want to recall ever happening, or will they? DuPey, the cop, is no doofus... so he knows.

Last, Noah is in the middle of it all? So in Betrayal, who will be the betrayer and who will be betrayed? What is the dark secret in Noah's past? Will they find the infamous bottle? It makes me wonder, whether the bottle has the contents everyone thinks it has? Or, what if what everyone seeks is elsewhere? Hmmm...come to think of it... if Noah is in the middle of it all, then has he known all along where both the bottle and its contents are? How will they keep safe from the "pros" that are now after them? April can't get here soon enough! And I have to go get me Rafe's story...I'm totally hooked. I need to know how it all began.

My, my, the things people do for such a great bottle of wine.